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Mary Pat Mengato

Thanks Carol. For a long time I have been practicing going through all the different diagonals, kind of like a lattice, that I perceive can exist or relate through the inner and outer space of the body/energy system. I find it to be a helpful way to center and balance and also extend up and down through my centers.
So I was glad to see that diagonal passing through the throat now included since I find it to be an especially powerful one.
The blog is beautiful. I love all the coloring you are doing.
I have one suggestion about the graphics for the 21 connections. When I first looked at it I found the visual and the explanation to be a little confusing and it took a while to figure it out. Perhaps an additional graphic with the connections numbered (inside the spheres) would be helpful and make it easier to see what it is. Or maybe it's just me and it was clear to everyone else.
Love to you on this day and always!
Mary Pat

Mary Pat Mengato

Thank you for adding the numbered version of the 21 connections! I think it makes it easier to understand and shows clearly the blending of consciousness, structure, and the senses of self.


Thank you so much for your input, Mary Pat. It is greatly appreciated. I can see how the 21 Centerings graphic could be confusing on its own, and I am glad the graphic I added below it is helpful. These Posts are works in progress and suggestions like this are so helpful.

Regarding the new 21 Centerings: The more I work with them, the more amazing they become to me. They are so integrated. For example: When we were using the 19 Centerings map we acknowledged the Seven Centers plus the six joints of the legs and six joints of the arms - totalling 19.

As you can see by studying the new 21 Centerings Map, The Seven Centers are still present only now 4 of them are also part of the 10 dimensions. And I love the way that now the Three Senses of Self have their own identity within the 21 Centerings, while before they were there as just part of the 7 centers.

Ellen Rennell

Carol I love the 21 centers. They are so much integrated into the movement already that it is great that they are illuminated here. I am glad the centers of the head, throat, chest, and pelvis have been shown in the drawing! I on the other hand find the numbering of them confusing. As if one might be more important that another, or that there might be some order we are supposed to go in. However the saying that there are 21 is Beautiful and the joints of the arms and legs are wonderful centers to remember when moving.


Hi Ellen - thank you for your insights and Yes, in the holistic sense, all centers are equal. The numbers are only to serve as a way to organize the mind in a linear way and also a way to expand our awareness. It can be meaningful to understand, for example, how the 10 Dimensions relate to and integrate with the Seven Centers, and the Three Senses of Self. In reality, we could also organize the 21 Centers around the Five Triads - that would be another way of seeing them and naming them and numbering them - just another way to expand our awareness of their integration. But, as you correctly point out, experiencing each centering as a total integration of the whole is perfect. These other ways of organizing only serve to enhance and possibly expand our experience of the whole. I invite Cristiam to add further comment.......


Dear Friends,

Thank you for the questions that have arise as we are expressing the many interpretations existing within our understanding of 0 Point Balance.

Carolina and I are now working in four different graphics that will help us to understand the many ways in which 0 Point can be interpreted as - they all are - very helpful in giving us a greater expansion of our Mind comprehending itself linearly and holistically as the many facets of UNITY existing withing the whole nature of our human lives.

Thank Again .... I love You


Ellen Rennell

I love the last diagrams of the Self Centered to the Center of the Earth and the Consciousness acknowledging itself through the Three Senses of the Self!

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