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I found the poem from the Fifth Triad.

“There is surely nothing other than the single purpose of the present moment. A man's whole life is a succession of moment after moment. There will be nothing else to do, and nothing else to pursue. Live being true to the single purpose of the moment.”
― Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

Yamamoto Tsunetomo (12 June 1659 – 1719) was a samurai of the Saga Domain in Hizen Province under his lord Nabeshima Mitsushige. He was famous for his sayings in Hagakure [In the Shadow of Leaves], a controversial exposition of his views on Bushido (the "Way of the Warrior"). He is also known as Yamamoto Jocho, the name he took after becoming a monk.


Dear Lois, Thank you for finding the source of the Poem.

I am looking forward to reading more of this Book.

At first instant, thou, it seems like a beautiful rendition of a wisdom of time past.

In The New Consciousness, it is important to remember that the wisdom of time past has become transformed by the knowledge of Eternal Time.

What does this mean ?. The transformation of the wisdom of temporal time into the knowledge of Eternal Time ?

It means that, in The New Consciousness, we are no longer battling the innocent misconceptions gathered through our evolutionary life, but instead - by the grace of Life - we are celebrating the freedom, the ecstasy and the wisdom of The New World.

In The New World we are all…. already ONE. The is the reason that The New Consciousness is the Knowledge of Eternal Time. It is fully engaged in the divine realms of Love and the Celebration of Unity, Totally involved in — the magical moment — that is the celebration of Life.

This Poem is beautiful and transcendental in the sense that expresses the extraordinary and magical nature of THE MOMENT of life. And it is important for all of us to realize
That this magical nature is fully given and fully realized NOW within the Natural Moment in which we live our human lives.

With this understanding, we can freely experience what we have said yesterday….. that THE MOMENT - The New Consciousness - is the divine gift in which each of us IS free from the interpretations gathered in temporal time and therefore we are…. for the first time … free to live the life of grace and celebrate the glory of God.

What I’m searching to convey you in this writing is something very subtle and at the same time Essential. The transposition between the mind of time and the Eternal mind of Creation is Essential because …...the linear mind of time ….can be like a very thin veil that innocently keep us in the reals of duality. The release of this very, very thin veil makes….. all the differences…. in our personal experience and understanding of The Divine nature of the New World and The New Consciousness of Life.

Let me know how you feel…….

I Love You….



Lois kept the Poem alive in the conversation from the Zoom talk and the fifth Triad when she searched for and found the author of this Poem ...Yomamato Tsunetomo.

That extraordinary gesture led to a clarification of the poem by our Divine Cristiam who spoke that the Eternal moment is already fully given and fully realized Now and that this full-fillment is present in all Moments as we are living moment to moment The New Consciousness of Life.

So at this very Moment of Living whether we live in the Past, the past is fulfilled, the present is fulfilled, and the Future is fulfilled.

So this is the part that I forgot to include in the original writing. I desire to share with you that I wanted to stop thinking about what the Eternal Moment was for me and take it into Contemplation.

This let my mind to be free of limitations and look from The Whole Perspective that Cristiam was talking about. As I did this I felt that Contemplation gave me the whole field and a whole place that gave me a perfect access to the Self.

My Self then told me that my experience of The Eternal Moment was already fulfilled within the richness and the fullness that comes from wholeness and completeness in every aspect of our Human Life?

There, upon asking and being present with my hiqhest source. Three Things came into my immediate awareness…….:
One.......LIFE.....the infinite Fabric of all Life self-contains the ALL that is GOD.
Two - LOVE- the infinite ENERGY of all Life...IS .Ever present Life .
Three: The Infinite Movement of all Life self contains the Love and the energy that is God. .

These Three make up the Self, Myself, Our Self. Every moment is the celebration of the Self The Divine Eternal Self, whose only purpose is the Present Moment.

Every single talk we have had for a long time now, Cristiam has energetically expressed to us that fulfillment is always facilitating us to see the many facets of the fulfilled Self.
Every talk seems to express New and More and that is because Reality is New and More. …..as the fulfillment os Reality is showing us the many facets of the ONE….allowing us to see that the ONE never changes, The ONE is always about INFINITE LIFE, INFINITE LOVE, AND INFINITE MOVIN G CREATIVITY. Always the ONE SELF.

........Just to continue my present conversation about the Moment of Life and taking it forward as a Trinity- Life, Love and the Creative Movement, is a Trinity of Three Dimensions that is also the Trinity of Fulfillment that is the Self, I find these two Trinities to also be simultaneous with another trinity that has graced us in all of our Lives.

Inside of Evolution our system of governing has been a Divine system taking us into a long and complex vision of idealism followed by many countries for the many reasons of freedom. But within the constitution is a simplicity of understanding…..The Trinity spoken by Thomas Jefferson: LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (WHICH IS THE INDIVIDUAL) fulfillment of the human self.

CREATIVE EXPRESSION (MOVEMENT) the rights of Equality and the movement of Life to pursue it for each person. It is easier to imagine and live in the world of Presence now that we have discovered The New Consciousness of Life and understand the simultaneity of all Universe, All Life, All Human Nature becoming fulfilled by the Moment of Life..

This is the fulfillment of this beautiful poem telling us that in our becoming present with the moment we can see that each of us is 100% infinite INTELLIGENCE, 100% infinite LOVE /ENERGY and 100% CREATIVY. This Trinity is our individual and collective SELFHOOD.

I Love You (also a divine Trinity from the Great Pyramid)


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