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Hi Cristiam. It's LUKE writing to you. I'm having to return to many basics of UIM. My spine still functions but not nearly as efficiently as it had during my daily practices while I was studying personally with you. I hope my vertebra have not crystalized as a result of laying off of the movements for a long time. I'm looking forward to resuming all the movements correctly. This seems to be a good place to start. Can I focus on creating as much space between my Vertebra as I both descend and ascend? Can that space be re-aquired? I miss you.
Luke Martin


I'm working on "releasing the spine " now.

Unity In Motion

I am so exited to hear from you and know that you are returning to the study and practice of UIM. The most important thing
to remember is that the memory of the movement is still imprinted within you, so now that you are practicing them again
all of the releases associated with the experience will surface once again in your mind and body.

The vertebrae of the spinal column will re-alighn and facilitate the space and natural release that they had before as they
are part of your essential being.

Be well and thank you for contacting us ………

Much Love…..


Luke Martin

Cristiam. I'm mainly working on the seated section. Although I should be able to repeat some of those motions in standing movements. I know you also have video lessons on standing. It seems there are a few added movements I didn't have before.

Thanks for our phone chat last Saturday. Best, Luke

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